Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, I have been a bit lax with the posting lately and that saddens me.  I wanted this to be a record of the whole planning process, which is starting to run away from me at an increasingly rapid pace.

5 months to go exactly (as of yesterday).

That is really scary.

So much has been happening lately, that I promise I will start to post about:
  • we have ordered my wedding band and it is almost done
  • GiB is still deciding on his
  • the cake toppers have arrived (I love them so much I want to eat them)
  • the ladies hair pieces have arrived
  • the fabric for the ladies dresses is picked and dresses being made
  • the suits are picked out
  • the transport is booked
  • hair and make-up booked (thanks to superstar bridesmaid C)
  • we have been in touch with the priest and are starting to put together the ceremony
So many things - so much to do - so little time (eeeep).

The GiB has been great.  It's not easy to do things when we works away, but thankfully in the week that he is home he is all systems go and is helping out a lot to get things done and ticked off The List.  Work has been super crazy busy for me lately as well and I am trying for a promotion, which just seems to be adding to the stress.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My preciousssss

So, my engagement ring is pretty unusual - especially in terms of shape. 

This has made the process of finding a wedding band interesting to say the least.  We initially went back to the jeweller who made the engagement ring because he had done such a good job first time round, and was really friendly and easy to work with.  We also agree with supporting small local businesses wherever possible.

His view was to make the wedding band as a 'puzzle piece' with cut outs along one side and a curve so that it fit perfectly with the engagement ring.

But I am not too sure?

I think I want something that fits with the engagement ring so they look good together, but is also able to be worn on it's own? 

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Grandma

Ok - so I don't know if anyone is even reading this blog, but I guess the record is as much for myself as anyone else.

Today I got a card from my Grandma.  She lives in England, on the other side of the world.  That has been very hard for me and my brothers and sisters growing up.  Sure, we got to go on cool holidays in Europe every 5 or so years, and both Grandma and Grandad would come to visit us here, but I really missed not being able to drop round there for tea, or having them babysit.

I really envied my friends who had grandparents here and hardly ever saw them - to me it felt like such a waste.  I even adopted other peoples grandparents, calling them Nan or Gran or Granpop too (I adopted GiB's grandparents and Nonna in this fashion too - much to their delight).

I guess I kind of knew that Grandma and Grandad would not be able to come to our wedding.  They haven't been able to travel the distance to Australia for several years now, especially since the last time they came out Grandad had a huge heart attack and they ended up being 'stuck' here for 3 months. 

But this morning, whilst GiB was driving me to the train station for work, I opened the mail from yesterday (we are a bit lazy like that, but at least it delays the bills!).  In the bundle was a card that I knew instantly was from my Grandma.  We didn't have specific RSVP cards for the wedding, simply a contact phone number and email.  It was hard enough printing and cutting the paper we did include.

Knowing that my grandparents are somewhat traditional, I was not surprised to receive a card from them with an official RSVP to the wedding - neither was I surprised that the card started with their regrets at not being able to attend.

What did surprise me was the rest of the card - some excerpts:
"We will be with you in thought and spririt all that day.  You and [GiB] make a special couple and we wish you both much happiness.  'call us old fashioned' if you wish, but we are pleased you are getting married.  You have always been a credit to us and we are very proud of you and all you have achieved."

Just those words, written on a card sent halfway around the world had me in tears, GiB holding my hand as I read.  It wasn't just the words, it was the feelings and emotions I could feel in them - it was the fact of seeing my Grandma's handwriting, looking so frail yet still so elegant, that really got to me.

I really, really, really, really, wish I could give both my Grandma and Grandad a big big hug right now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Broome Time

There is a scientifically proven phenomenon in the Kimberley - where the past ceases to exist, the future is but a distant concept (mostly consisting of what your next drink will be) and the present stretches into infinity - Broome Time.

Ordinarily, I love Broome Time.  It is what makes the place so relaxed, perfect for a holiday and (or so I thought) a wedding.

But now, when I am actually trying to plan said wedding?  Broome Time is a freakin' pain in the proverbial!  So far I am waiting on:
  • 2 different hairdressers to call me back simply to let me know if they would be able to do hair and make-up for 5 people for a 10am wedding (I first called them about 2 months ago);
  • the priest to call me back to let me know that we even have a priest (kind of important this one);
  • the helicopter people to send me an email quote that was promised a week ago;
  • the photographer to confirm that he is available on our date and the quote that he sent us last year is still valid;
  • a potential videographer to email me back and let me know their prices and what services they provide;
  • our rehearsal dinner venue to confirm they are available for what we want.
Why is this so hard?  As far as I am concerned, this is starting to go beyond the casual attitude of Broome Time and is just getting rude!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The name is Bond - James Bond

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved watching James Bond movies.  I think it is the thrill of the chase, the adventure and the departure from the ordinary that appeals to me, because I also really loved Indiana Jones, and other fantasy/adventure type movies, books, TV shows, etc.  When the reality TV buzz hit, it was shows like Survivor and Amazing Race that keep me coming back season after season. 

When we started looking at transport for the wedding, the biggest hurdle was getting the guests from the Church in Broome down to Eco Beach, a mere 1 hour drive away!  Thankfully most of our family and friends have decided to drive up and hence will have their own cars, which makes this a lot easier.  For those who are flying up, we have asked them to advise us when the RSVP if they require transport.

So that leaves us (as in the bridal party).  How do we have our photos around Broome and then still get down to Eco Beach in time for the 2pm reception?!

We considered a 'first look' with photos etc before the ceremony, but given we are having a 10am ceremony this just wasn't going to be feasible.  Plus, GiB is also a bit traditional and steadfastly refused to even contemplate the idea of seeing me before the ceremony.

It was our dear friend W who came up with the solution - helicopters!!!!!!!!

As soon as he said it I was hooked.  Did he mean that on our wedding day, I could actually channel my inner James Bond?!?

Short answer - yes.

And so the investigations began.  GiB was reluctant thinking the cost may be too prohibitive, but we have found 3 different companies around the Broome area that do charter flights, so that is GiB's job for today - to call them all and find out how much it will cost to transport 9 people to Eco Beach on a Monday lunchtime in August.

Just between you and me - I am holding my breath and crossing all my fingers and toes that this turns out ok!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue suede shoes

I already have my main 'something blue' - thanks to Bowie Bride.  These have already been ordered and received [side note: I also got some pink ones for the honeymoon to suprise GiB as we are planning some remote beach related outings!].

But given that our 'wedding colours' are blue and white, and the bridesmaids are wearing blue dresses, I also thought it appropriate to wear blue shoes.  Blue shoes is something I can easily show guests when they ask about my 'something blue', just in case I needed any further justification to buy a new pair of fabulous shoes - which I didn't!

So I have been doing a bit of a search online and so far these are definitely my favourites:

Although, I am not too sure about the height.  I am already considering buying some flats for later in the evening, but the problem is more the fact that GiB is not that much taller than me to begin with and I do not want to be a behemoth at the wedding!  Also, the hem on my dress may not need alterations depending on the height of shoe I ultimately decide to go with (and I have a sneaky suspicion that these will be too high and it is impossible to add length to the hem!).  Luckily, the talented lady of LaPlumeEthere also makes these with a smaller heel, which gives me even more food for thought! 

The other option is to have some shoe clips made by this lovely lady, which I can then simply clip onto whichever pair of shoes I end up buying.  Sweetgrassmill has already been commissioned to make matching fascinators for my girls, who are otherwise having mismatched blue dresses and silver shoes.  On discussion with the girls they all loved the different options Sweetgrassmill was displaying, and also the idea of having some continuity amongst them in the form of matching headwear - but still satisfying my desire to avoid the 'matchy-matchy' bridesmaid look.

What I need now from you guys is some help - what do you think I should do?  Any other suggestions for fabulous blue shoes in a similar theme to the above?

Monday, January 10, 2011

What a weekend!

Where do I start?

It was a very busy, satisfying, emotionally draining weekend.

My mum and I attended the Hopman Cup Tennis finals on Saturday afternoon - we always try and go to at least a couple of games at the one WA tennis tournament each year and this year we went to the finals! Although Australia didn't make it (C'mon Hewitt!) it was still a very close match between Belgium and USA. USA ultimately won but it came down to the mixed doubles to decide it. It was great to see USA win without the benefit of one of the Williams' sisters too!

Saturday evening I picked GiB up from our local pub, where he had gone with a few mates and was very merry by the time I got there!

Sunday GiB and I went looking at houses, going to several home openings in our area. Although we currently own our own house (or at least the bank does!) we have started to talk about upgrading and are looking around the same area as where we live now. We like the area, the neighbourhood is quite nice, good access to the city for work but still far enough away to avoid the congestion and only a short walk to the beach!

We thought we had found our dream home - and made an appointment for the mortgage broker to come round in the afternoon to discuss things. And that is where the bubble kind of burst. Unfortunately, we don't have enough equity in our current home, and nowhere near enough in savings (which is our wedding savings anyway), to pay the required deposit. GiB was a little disheartened by this, but after some discussion we came up with an alternative plan - to increase our current repayments, which will increase our equity foundation, and then re-assess things towards the end of the year, after the wedding. This sits well with me as it means we are looking to the future but at the same time being realistic with where we currently are. The last thing either of us wants is a huge debt that we can only just service and not be able to still go out for dinner every now and again.

But perhaps the most exciting thing of the weekend - for me anyway - was that on Saturday I decided on, ordered and paid a deposit on my wedding dress!!!!!!

What did you all do over the weekend?