Thursday, February 3, 2011

Broome Time

There is a scientifically proven phenomenon in the Kimberley - where the past ceases to exist, the future is but a distant concept (mostly consisting of what your next drink will be) and the present stretches into infinity - Broome Time.

Ordinarily, I love Broome Time.  It is what makes the place so relaxed, perfect for a holiday and (or so I thought) a wedding.

But now, when I am actually trying to plan said wedding?  Broome Time is a freakin' pain in the proverbial!  So far I am waiting on:
  • 2 different hairdressers to call me back simply to let me know if they would be able to do hair and make-up for 5 people for a 10am wedding (I first called them about 2 months ago);
  • the priest to call me back to let me know that we even have a priest (kind of important this one);
  • the helicopter people to send me an email quote that was promised a week ago;
  • the photographer to confirm that he is available on our date and the quote that he sent us last year is still valid;
  • a potential videographer to email me back and let me know their prices and what services they provide;
  • our rehearsal dinner venue to confirm they are available for what we want.
Why is this so hard?  As far as I am concerned, this is starting to go beyond the casual attitude of Broome Time and is just getting rude!

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