Friday, September 24, 2010

Jumping in the deep end

Whew - deep breath...

Well, here I am finally in the blogging world on the other side of the mouse pad. I have been reading wedding blogs for at least 6 months now, sharing in the joys, trials, tribulations and celebrations of many wonderful ladies (and some gents) as they plan their weddings and marriages.

And it struck me that these people have a support group unlike any other, as well as a written record of their wedding planning journey and the process of self-discovery that often goes along with it.

Unfortunately, not being a very computer literate person, I was somewhat daunted by the whole blog process. But, I have decided to take the plunge, to step in the proverbial deep end and hope it all turns out. Please be kind with me. Send me comments, suggestions, encouragement and ideas, not just on the state of this blog, but also the plans, hopes and dreams (and probably outrageous faux pas) that will be unearthed here.