Monday, January 24, 2011

The name is Bond - James Bond

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved watching James Bond movies.  I think it is the thrill of the chase, the adventure and the departure from the ordinary that appeals to me, because I also really loved Indiana Jones, and other fantasy/adventure type movies, books, TV shows, etc.  When the reality TV buzz hit, it was shows like Survivor and Amazing Race that keep me coming back season after season. 

When we started looking at transport for the wedding, the biggest hurdle was getting the guests from the Church in Broome down to Eco Beach, a mere 1 hour drive away!  Thankfully most of our family and friends have decided to drive up and hence will have their own cars, which makes this a lot easier.  For those who are flying up, we have asked them to advise us when the RSVP if they require transport.

So that leaves us (as in the bridal party).  How do we have our photos around Broome and then still get down to Eco Beach in time for the 2pm reception?!

We considered a 'first look' with photos etc before the ceremony, but given we are having a 10am ceremony this just wasn't going to be feasible.  Plus, GiB is also a bit traditional and steadfastly refused to even contemplate the idea of seeing me before the ceremony.

It was our dear friend W who came up with the solution - helicopters!!!!!!!!

As soon as he said it I was hooked.  Did he mean that on our wedding day, I could actually channel my inner James Bond?!?

Short answer - yes.

And so the investigations began.  GiB was reluctant thinking the cost may be too prohibitive, but we have found 3 different companies around the Broome area that do charter flights, so that is GiB's job for today - to call them all and find out how much it will cost to transport 9 people to Eco Beach on a Monday lunchtime in August.

Just between you and me - I am holding my breath and crossing all my fingers and toes that this turns out ok!

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