Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue suede shoes

I already have my main 'something blue' - thanks to Bowie Bride.  These have already been ordered and received [side note: I also got some pink ones for the honeymoon to suprise GiB as we are planning some remote beach related outings!].

But given that our 'wedding colours' are blue and white, and the bridesmaids are wearing blue dresses, I also thought it appropriate to wear blue shoes.  Blue shoes is something I can easily show guests when they ask about my 'something blue', just in case I needed any further justification to buy a new pair of fabulous shoes - which I didn't!

So I have been doing a bit of a search online and so far these are definitely my favourites:

Although, I am not too sure about the height.  I am already considering buying some flats for later in the evening, but the problem is more the fact that GiB is not that much taller than me to begin with and I do not want to be a behemoth at the wedding!  Also, the hem on my dress may not need alterations depending on the height of shoe I ultimately decide to go with (and I have a sneaky suspicion that these will be too high and it is impossible to add length to the hem!).  Luckily, the talented lady of LaPlumeEthere also makes these with a smaller heel, which gives me even more food for thought! 

The other option is to have some shoe clips made by this lovely lady, which I can then simply clip onto whichever pair of shoes I end up buying.  Sweetgrassmill has already been commissioned to make matching fascinators for my girls, who are otherwise having mismatched blue dresses and silver shoes.  On discussion with the girls they all loved the different options Sweetgrassmill was displaying, and also the idea of having some continuity amongst them in the form of matching headwear - but still satisfying my desire to avoid the 'matchy-matchy' bridesmaid look.

What I need now from you guys is some help - what do you think I should do?  Any other suggestions for fabulous blue shoes in a similar theme to the above?

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  1. Those shoes are hot!
    Id order them with a lower heel if possible.
    There is nothing worse than sore feet and from what you said you are worrying about towering over your groom...