Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, I have been a bit lax with the posting lately and that saddens me.  I wanted this to be a record of the whole planning process, which is starting to run away from me at an increasingly rapid pace.

5 months to go exactly (as of yesterday).

That is really scary.

So much has been happening lately, that I promise I will start to post about:
  • we have ordered my wedding band and it is almost done
  • GiB is still deciding on his
  • the cake toppers have arrived (I love them so much I want to eat them)
  • the ladies hair pieces have arrived
  • the fabric for the ladies dresses is picked and dresses being made
  • the suits are picked out
  • the transport is booked
  • hair and make-up booked (thanks to superstar bridesmaid C)
  • we have been in touch with the priest and are starting to put together the ceremony
So many things - so much to do - so little time (eeeep).

The GiB has been great.  It's not easy to do things when we works away, but thankfully in the week that he is home he is all systems go and is helping out a lot to get things done and ticked off The List.  Work has been super crazy busy for me lately as well and I am trying for a promotion, which just seems to be adding to the stress.

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